S C 3

Detroit label/venue Something Cold just celebrated it's 3rd year with this awesome mix.
We're honored to have our song "Brain Case" included alongside the other great selections:

"Fell Pastures" - Brotman & Short
"Boule (Viens Ici!)" - Ptose
"49 Second Romance" - P1/E
"First Things Last or First Or Last" - UNUR
"I Understand" - Karl O'Connor
"Brain Case" - Featureless Ghost
"Waiting" - Innergaze
"Losing Days (Newclear Waves mix)" - Mushy
"Initially (Blue Eyes)" - November Növelet
"Ventilation Fans" - Sixteens
"Divided Parallel" - Led Er Est
"Holographic Landscape" - S U R V I V E
"Consequences" - Les Invalides
"Weltgeist (Rorschach Garden mix)" - Brigade Rosse
"After the Fall" - Pure Ground


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